Where to begin with black hat does and don’ts, it’s not like the court system Google actually has common sense anything that feels wrong or involves trickery just don’t because it’s most likely a black hat tactic and something you just don’t wants to do. If you want a top notch White hat seo company that will fight for you! call 360.721.2982

If you’re trying to play games with a multibillion dollar search engine Google Yahoo/Bing just stop and say you didn’t black hat black hatting do’s and don’ts 101.
Cloaking trying to play games or trick some of the smartest people living today is beyond shooting yourself in the foot, it’s like shooting your whole leg off.
Getting your site kicked out of any search engine via black hatting happens every day, search engines are getting rid of the spam, and we Love that.

It’s just doesn’t pay to be dishonest your hard work and legitimate tactics, if someone says that having a no crawl in your source code is black hat they’re a moron and need to go back to watching various YouTube videos about seo marketing and black hat dos and donts etc rookies always think they know more than the guy that makes a killer living doing seo the right way.
Traditional seo is almost dead do to the search engines killing it only reason everyone talks about blackhat so much there’s more than one way to skin a cat, but seo marketing today requires a huge network of relevant linking which we have no one else has the quality or the quantity of quality real businesses owned by real people that we do.

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