Black hat seo, cloaking trickery and games and lies trying to play a search engine like a fiddle? People made millions doing this and spamming the web to death, this is becoming more and more of a thing of a past. As these Multi-billion dollar power house Search Engines are not ran by dummies unfortunately.

If Google, Yahoo, or Bing guidelines are outside of your tactics that’s black hat seo, They don’t like Shady charachter they want relavent knowledge or sellers it all basically boils down to common sense right or wrong. Keyword stuff we’re still seeing this and it boggles my mind how people thing this still works.
This is’nt craigslist people your not selling a hondagini type R. Vtec,Gsr,naws, 10 second car, drift, you get the picture. Playing by the rules is key you if you play by the rules you get to play with everyone else on google/bing if not you’ll be playing with yourself in the sandbox. Getting blacklist is’nt something you want bmw and jc penney both made mistakes hiring overseas marketing companies who ran them right off the map. Sure they had a good month but business is about getting over financially on someone once or twice real business is about being fair and creating a lasting relationship that mutually benefitial to both parties. If I go buy a 200 dollar pair of raybans am I being ripped off? ofcourse not the lenses could protect my eyes from the sun save me from getting into a car wreck or keep my eyeball from getting hit by a random object(nerf dart) whatever the case they sell a product spend good money marketing it and will be here a 100 years from now no doubt about it.

Branding if you don’t understand the concept learn about it blackhat is going to be a thing of the past now they’re making more and more stuff illegal and until someone does hard time over blackhat it’s still going to be around. Black Hat Seo