Black hat seo, cloaking trickery and games and lies trying to play a search engine like a fiddle? People made millions doing this and spamming the web to death, this is becoming more and more of a thing of a past. As these Multi-billion dollar power house Search Engines are not ran by dummies unfortunately. 360.721.2982

If Google, Yahoo, or Bing guidelines are outside of your tactics that’s black hat seo, They don’t like Shady character they want relevant knowledge or sellers it all basically boils down to common sense right or wrong. Keyword stuff we’re still seeing this and it boggles my mind how people thing this still works.
This isn’t craigslist people you’re not selling a hondagini type R. Vtec,Gsr,naws, 10 second car, drift, you get the picture. just fallow the rules or be stuck playing with yourself in the sandbox.

If you’re here for the long haul which Google is and so are we you have to play by the rules and be fair you can make a killing on the internet for many years to come, there is so much legitimate money to be made it’s disgusting so just keep your seo tactics within the major search engine guidelines that’s what we do and it’s what our clients do and they’re busy and happy financially and growing at a healthy rate. Money doesn’t buy happiness it’s true but the feeling you get when you worked for what you have and if you happen to be successful financially because of the hard work and intelligent planning you did it feels great.
Hard work pays off we are the proof of that we did this for years for free while we did other things we let people be in our network for linking power and now we’re no longer free just getting paid for all of our hard work and planning which is the greatest feeling. 360 721 2982 Blackhat Seo