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Quality is key never do anything 50% just to come back again and do the job twice, it’s like buying a cheap electronic or better yet a cheap car you end up paying for it three times over and well the originally savings whether it’s work or money that you saved “time” whatever the case do something once do it right even it’s a purchase buy quality.
This doesn’t mean spend the most you can or more than you can afford, for example design web Portland or where stompseo has been putting in some serious work.
Branching out from a small internet marketing company to now a global force to be reckoned with soon to have over 6 millions links controlled in our network all quality and relevant to their own business category, one tip to everyone stay organized it’s why we are still here after the updates and half of our “competition” are nowhere to be found anymore, also play by the rules easy enough right?

Being successful on the internet today is just like fallowing the directions of a recipe properly, but in seo you have a lot of different opinions and don’t do this do that type of lingo everywhere you search YouTube to Google. Most of it out there is just plain nonsense unless it’s matt cutts himself or someone that’s successful and been there done that actually knows what they’re talking about. To avoid a serious headache just call 360 721 2982 Design Web Portland Or