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Having a website developed that you’re going to be proud of and more than happy to look at for years to come is the whole idea that and wanting it to be optimized and as friendly as possible for the search engines which is a big problem with a lot of web builders today charging top dollar for web site builds. They can put together a good looking in a lot of cases amazing looking website very complex lots of flash and integration going on, but they don’t know or understand search engine optimization and how pick the search engines are and the fact that now today that large majority of your potential future customers are on their cell phone tablet and hand held portable devices or a lot of people are on slower internet speeds even today in 2013 these are all factors that our web builders know and understand and when we have a client come aboard build them a site and set it up including the marketing account their site ranks amazingly fast on whatever keyword phrases they wish also we always host our clients on a C class private ip server not a shared hosting like go daddy will talk to you into for a fortune a year, there are thousands of reasons why most websites never get seen by the public so if you want to skip the headache and jump into success call 360 721 2982 and let stompseo point you in the direction to success. Designer Web Portland Or