I shed a tear to people who spend good money on a website with good intentions of having a legitimate web based business. Stompseo hosting web Portland or
We use C class hosting with its own private ip. Don’t share hosting with 999 other websites porn sites stuff that is going to make Google turn their back on you.
Here at stomp seo we know web hosting in and outs call 360.721.2982 and never look back.

So many people don’t understand the value of hosting share or private well would you be a more appealing business man/woman if you had your own home or shared if you stayed at a homeless shelter? To the search engines that’s what shared hosting is sharing something large that you’re all guilty by association with it only takes one bad egg and in this imperfect world especially when you throw the internet in the mix we have a lot of bad eggs millions and counting to be exact.
From site builds to hosting internet marketing stompseo does it all we host our clients pages on private c class servers which is totally fine and within guidelines you can host your website however you want, we’ll most likely host it in the way to where the search engine will think we know what we’re doing and look at our sites in a way automatically knowing that they’re businesses, from there they’ll look at the on page content and see how well the site was built does it even have robot text the correct number of h1-h3 tags does the title description have their first few and only few major keywords separated? There are thousands of reasons why we’re so busy doing site builds and having full control of the marketing to big companies and their linking power.

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