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Since 2000 we have been building websites and designing web pages for myself and many other companies in the world. In the Portland oregon web design market I have been the expert for web and graphic design. Now with stompseo.com I have reached a new high with internet marketing as well.

Starting a new website and expanding your business or just giving your website a facelift, web design and optimal marketing go hand as far as business success goes.
Portland oregon is where we’re located, There are countless factors and ideas/opinions out there on seo,marketing and the best way to reach your customers with your website.
Any form of free internet marketing, is great take of advantage of it but you truly do get what you pay for.

Web design is crucial to your customers, for example a flashy(flash page with no content/text isn’t even seen by Google because they don’t crawl images.
Allot of your future customers don’t have high speed internet or are trying to find what they’re looking for on a mobile device and don’t want to wait for you flashy web page to load etc.
The key to success online is doing it right from the first step, not rookie site build errors making sure you don’t have too many opinions on which way to steer your ship and a quality marketing campaign like we offer is you think maxing out your credit card on ad words is a good idea you’ve watched too many YouTube videos’ you wanted the highest ROI possible without running to India thinking that’s what people do it’s not. Internet Marketing Portland Or