Doing a local search for marketing can be frustrating, wanting to conduct business with someone on a personal level in your town or metro area or state for that matter is understandable. The feel of doing business on a more personal level not some hot shot company in Network or Los Angeles etc.

Nothing like making the same mistake bmw or jc Penney made by choosing a out of the states marketing company people that aren’t going to have to answer for the rules they break even if you tried to force them too, here at stompseo we do white hat marketing not smoke or mirrors or worry about Google updates it’s pretty much common sense just like everything else in life. Wanting your webpage to go to the top and not have to worry about if you’re going to get into trouble or not blacklist from bing or Google etc that’s never a worry with us, so if you’re looking for global or local search marketing we’re your company for your hands down.

Our prices for geo targeted city state or province and national accounts are as low as they get in the seo marketing world, sure there’s people charging 100 dollars a keyword for internet marketing they’re most likely one of our resellers, if you want to cut out the middleman and save yourself some serious coin, here’s your chance.
How much does ad words charge for certain keyword position you should try that first before you sign up that way you understand the value of what exactly it is we sell spend a 1000 bucks in ad words watch the traffic monitor what keywords and phrases people type in to find your site then you’ll understand the value of a dollar spent here at stompseo. 360 721 2982

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