Portland OR is always going to be weird. Marketing your local business in Portland OR is what we do! Large and small marketing demands is what we at stompseo.com have been doing for the last nine years. We rank up at the top of the results marketing Portland OR and always will.

Take the complicity out of marketing with stompseo.com automation, brilliantization is what we do in Portland Or, were not a company working out of our grandmas basement we have nearly 40,000 business we market and do business consultation for, need we say more? If you’re curious about online marketing or thinking you’ll try ad words for a while we recommend that you shop around spend a few hundred on ad words maybe you’ll make a sale or go with some catch named marketing company that’s sold nothing and paid to get a top 10 review on a website, that’s what people don’t realize when they’re watching TV or looking around on the internet especially the TV I can pay for a commercial say whatever I want as long as I don’t swear and no one is going to make sure what I’m saying is true in fact I could be a brand new company looking for my next scam getting people sign up to our service where we build you a website(that they kidnap) and market your webpage (they spend 20 bucks on ad words once) and put your site in all the major search engines(which happens automatically without anyone doing anything).

This isn’t a joke this is reality going on in America today even, sad but true and no one regulates what goes on on TV, in fact Google keeps a better eye and does a better job keeping the spam and garbage out of peoples reach.
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