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Search engine optimization isn’t rocket science sure it’s very technical but you don’t have to be a seo guru to understand the basics one for starters most things are common sense and if you can see it and you’re doing the basics odds are you never have anything to worry. All this talk about getting banned of the net and worrying is just silly nonsense, people want to worry and give them something to gossip about yes there’s been a few updates launched by Google, most people affected by it were technically breaking the law or a link farm or connected to a link farm. Quality is key never worry about how much traffic you have or how many inbound links you have well yes your site got 100,000 visitors a week and has 15,000 inbound links yet your business is going into the gutter. Why is this well your 100,000 visitors never wanted to find your site in the first place or they’re in India and can’t understand a word it says relevant and quality. We could have a website that only receives 100-200 visitors a day but still does over 10k profit a month why is this because the people searching for a certain product found your website which sold the product and or service offered and guess what their site works flawlessly you call during business hours someone in house answers it that you can understand also their shopping cart lets you purchase the product and they provide excellent fast shipping and customer service it’s the whole package which is how easy online business is. Seo Expert