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What to do to get your website off the ground so many options I guess you could take advantage of all the free marketing facebook-youtube but what about where everyone goes the natural results on google-bing that’s where the world clicks not on ad words sure if you spend the money people will click all day long charging you money it’s a sick world but that doesn’t mean you’ll make one red cent meanwhile. Quality seo in the organic listings is where the money is at its where the knowledge is has been for years not going to change anytime soon either. Have you ever asked yourself how much money companies pay to be at the top of the natural/organic results like on the first page of Google for example. Some companies will pay 20 thousand u.s a month to be there and we get our clients there for a fraction of that don’t confuse our fair prices for cheap service we pride ourselves on how well our system works, our customer service and our rock solid seo team.

Page rank is huge what’s the point of your website if people can’t find it by searching relative terms or just typing common sense keywords into google, the only other point would be to hand out your business card to someone you network with then you have your phone number email and your website all on your business card that’s kind of important these days but, if they try to see if you have any real web presence and you don’t does that make you seem successful? If you’re doing so well financially why aren’t you marketing your business? Seo Service