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It’s amazing looking at some of the companies that offer seo services currently we have no real competition if worry about if you get tweets or face book likes is real seo then we need to close our doors because we’re doing it all wrong apparently. A lot of seo fly by night companies project the image of success or that they’re a multimillion dollar rock star seo enterprise they’re anything but most of what you see is mostly their last red cent trying to display financial success because their service/product that they offer and sell made them rich. Really they’re more like the Bernie Madoffs of seo take your money say that your rankings are increasing with no real proof(we have ranking reports with real time rankings on google-bing no smoke and mirrors) Also when has a tweet or instagram fallowing changed a business’s financial success? Close to never it may pay someone’s rent but that’s about it real business success is in the natural rankings on Google.

Website optimization to help increase your rankings for free or affordable if you have someone that does your site work, having your title tags | the way they should be your h1-h2 tags etc and great content no typos etc is probably the first thing you should have done before considering seo. We take care of all these problems for our clients usually just for signing up to ensure the best success possible.
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