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Five Elements Of A Good Website Design In Abbotsford

Websites from different designers may look different at first glance but there are a few elements that they must all have. A good website design must possess certain elements; these elements are what enable a user to interact with the website with ease. Below are five elements of a good website design in Abbotsford;

1) Space:

Space is one of the key design elements that make characterize a good website design in Abbotsford. Space in website design is not compulsory white, it signifies a lack of an element, therefore any background color or texture can work. A good website design must utilize good spacing; spacing in between lines of text, around wrap of images etc. Good spacing improving flow and readability. A user will find it easy to interact with a website that employs good spacing.

Space is also used to show emphasizes or create a focal point. When an image or text is surrounded by white space, the item will automatically appear larger and more important than if it were crammed in a tight location.

2) Navigation:

Navigation is another important element of a good website design in Abbotsford. Navigation allows users to know where they are on your site, how they can find important post or pages on your website and how they can go back to the homepage. A good website design utilizes simple and easy to use navigation. Typically, a navigation menu bar should not carry more than five to ten items, depending on the type of website in question. The more convenient for users to go through your website the lower the bounce rate.

3) About us:

The About Us page is one of the first and most important elements that determine a good website design in Abbotsford. The About Us page gives personality to your brand and tell your audience something about your business or product. Although it is particularly useful for small, less-known businesses, well-established brands can also use it. Your About Page can inform viewers about your company’s philosophy or goals, the history of your company etc. To avoid boredom it is important to keep your About Us page simple and straight to the point.

4) Contact information:

Contact information is another very important element that makes for good website design. Some of your users will want to reach out to you. It will be quite disappointing if there is no contact information on your website through which they can reach you.

Contact information can appear in any of two ways; either in the header or in a dedicated Contact us page. This page will carry the physical address of the business (assuming there is a physical office), telephone number, email address and in some cases a contact form via which users can email you directly from your website.

5) Call to action:

A website intends for users to do something; buy a product, get information, sign up for newsletter etc. To ensure that this action is carried out there is a need to insert powerful call-to-action. A good website design ensures that the action intended is obvious and enticing to users. For example, if web owners want users to subscribe to an email newsletter, they can insert the form in a very prominent location and make it easy to fill.

If you are using clickable buttons to carry the call-to-action message, then such buttons must be located close to the supposed item and should state exactly what it wants users to do; Buy Now, Download, Sign up etc.

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