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Particularly since googles updates new algorithm that they release that pretty much cleared up a lot of the spam online, black hate and gray hat “seo marketing guys” who weren’t working within the major search engine rules and guidelines unlike us who do everything the hard way by the book. Link farming, cloaking, buying traffic, keyword jamming, whatever you really think you shouldn’t be doing is something that can get you in trouble. The main reason people did this is because they A had a crappy product or service in fewer or less words were doing something illegal taking people’s money for a product then 2 months later going out of business losing their merchant account but meanwhile made 10-300,000 dollars until everything gets shut down this happened a lot. Google wants you to earn your spot, you have to be legit, an actual business trying to sell something worth buying. B) they generated the traffic to a site with a lot of banner ads and pay per click add so when you see a picture of a hot attractive lady you click on it goes to another website that has nothing to do with the lady you just saw and you go to a website that sales auto parts and they just made 2 dollars.

No one cares about traffic, yes the search engines still see your site as being popular as the people liking you because your sites safe fun and maybe has good prices facebook-craigslist-ebay-stompseo.com whatever the website is it’s ranking well today because it’s popular and playing by the rules. Whitehat Seo