it’s all about advertising agencies in portland oregon, from overdone complicated sites that woul’nt load up on your phone/mobile device to flashy colors.
Don’t be bedazzled and wowwed by something that looks overly complicated or has faces of COO/CEO’s of HUGE marketing companies ;).

The great Northwest and the many Advertisement angencies that fallow, Portland oregon a best kept secret people love it here for a all the right reasons. We’re cornering the market new school advertisement is us and the internet. The phonebooks dead billboards should be illegal as texting while driving or reading a book while driving.
Wanting to do well business wise well maybe you’ve heard of advertising? Internet marketing is what we do best I’m not talking adwords or pay per click either I’m talking natural and organic seo. Some of here at stomp recall when no one had seo it was pay perclick or banner adds or nothing yahoo and america online yahoo used to be huge like google is today. Google like us was ready for the changes and predicted the growth of internet and technology of humans in general with five million links managed daily and close to 50 thousand global busineses today at our control that we market for.

Panda nor the penguin updates shook us at all our software handled any change we needed without even breaking a sweat in a instant we could change whatever we need to to coincide with the major search engines updates and guidelines. Millions of lines of code and lots of money made all of this possible we have some really smart people here at stomp and are constantly redoing the impossible and coming up with new revolutionary ideas.
So if you need anymore convincing call or email to day and sign up or schedule a screenshare. Advertising Agencies In Portland Oregon